The Union Church is a member-driven church. All decisions are made by the members through committee work, through the work of our Board of Trustees and our Board of Elders and through congregational meetings. The pastors advise the congregation on a variety of issues and attend various meetings. However, all meeting are run by members. The pastors do not vote.


Our life together is defined by our Articles of Government. Though these have been revised over the years, the core commitment of the Articles remains the same: that we gather because we share the common desire to worship God, not because we believe the same things, and that our best decisions are made by groups of people who are committed to the best possible future for the church.

Board and Committees

The church has two boards: the Trustees and the Elders. The Trustees are responsible for the business life of the church and their board includes such committees as personnel and policy, building and landscape, finance, endowment, nominating and marketing. The Elders are responsible for the spiritual life of the church and their committees include music and worship, hospitality, Christian education, outreach, and membership. We have ex-officio members who work with both boards: the moderator, the pastors, the financial secretary and the treasurer. We have congregational meetings at least twice a year.

We Are the Union Church

We have no denominational connections, no hierarchy that tells us what to do or think and no outside financial support. The unique combination of all of our members and friends at the Union Church and their willingness to share their time and talents and financial gifts are what make us the Union Church.

To learn more about our committee work, finances, and more, please see our most recent Annual Report.